Centers for Pluralism Meeting

Resolution on Chechnya

Warsaw, Poland, April 22, 2001


To: United Nations Security Council, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Council of Europe, Heads of States and Governments.

We the participants of the 16-th meeting of the Centers of Pluralism,  representatives of NGOs from over 20 countries involved in defense of human rights, freedoms, and building of civil society want to express our protest and outrage at the continuing war that the Russian Federation is waging against the Republic of Chechnya.

We protest the genocidal actions of the Russian Federation and the indifference of international organizations and especially of democratically elected governments.

We demand that the international community and international organizations use all possible economic and political means in order to force the government of the Russian Federation to start peace negotiations with the legally elected government of Chechnya represented by the President Aslan Maskhadov, with the participation of a third party (OSCE, UN, Council of Europe, other states) as a guarantor of peace and stability within the region.