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Turkistan Newsletter - Turkistan Bulteni -
Tue, 22 Feb 2000

Appeal of Musavat Party Chairman Isa Gambar to  World Community

Dear friends

On the eve of anniversary of deportation of entire Chechen people from their homes by Stalin, and on the eve of the new millennium the atrocities, alien to human nature, committed against courageous and freedom-loving Chechen people before the eyes of world community is shameful.

The events  in Chechnya by its brutality have reached  intolerable stage. The local people are being killed, tortured and taken to concentration camps. The entire villages and towns are being destroyed, burning and looting the property of people.

Uncontrolled Russian armed forces treat the local Chechen  civilian male population  with unbelievable brutality, illegally arresting, humiliating, and killing them.  There is no mercy for wounded  and the captives are subject for brutal atrocities. Men, women and children are facing humiliation and rape from security forces. Thousands of refugees and their children are suffering from various illnesses  in refugee camps. The Chechen people are being deprived of their right to live in their land and their capital Grozny closed for its residents is being turned into ruble.

This serious and tragic situation requires all countries of the world to influence the Russian government to stop the genocide of Chechen people and to prevent the awful massacres going on there. There is need for immediate intervention of international human rights organizations and appropriate structures of  United Nations, OSCE and Council of Europe.

I call on the world community to use all their influences and means  to stop the actions leading towards the genocide of the entire people in half way.

February 21, 2000.