World Forum on Democracy: Statement on Chechnya

Addressed to the Foreign Ministers Meeting of the Community of Democracies

The World Forumon Democracy turns the attentions of the international community to the urgent need to end all forms of ethnic or national discrimination, flagrant oppression of ethnic or national minorities, and all practices akin to internal or external colonialism as serious violations of international law and the principles of democracy.

The World Forum on Democracy condemns the war against the Chechen people being carried out by the Russian Federation, in which hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed, raped, wounded, and displaced from their homes. The World Forum on Democracy urges the Foreign Ministers of the Community of Democracies to demand that the Russian Federation announce immediately a cease fire on the territory of the Chechen Republic and to engage in good-faith negotiations with the leadership. In case of the continuation of the war against Chechnya, the Russian Federation should have no place in the Community of Democracies.

The Foreign Ministers should ensure immediate intervention of international humanitarian organisations to save the starving and wounded population on the territory of Chechnya and commit to the stationing of international monitors in the event of a cease-fire.

World Forum on Democracy
Warsaw, June 27, 2000